Frequently Asked Questions

Why interpretation in virtual reality? Isn’t enough to do outcrop interpretation on a computer screen?

3D Gaia in Virtual Reality creates an Immersive learning experience. You are virtually there. It allows to experience real scale and virtually fly around the outcrop wherever you want. Here some of the key added benefits:

  • Improved team performance through immersive learning
  • Cost effective, you can bring your entire team to the field
  • Access to areas too hazardous or too expensive to reach
  • Knowledge capture, field trip repeatability
  • Reduced travel time & cost
  • Ability to fly over vast areas

What is 3D Gaia?

3D Gaia enables Geology Field trips and interpretation of high resolution digital outcrop models and satellite imagery in Virtual Reality.

What are the hardware requirements to use 3D Gaia?

3D Gaia runs in Oculus rift or HTC virtual reality headsets. You will also need a high-end PC/laptop.

Does your app replace virtual field trips?

3D Gaia does not replace field trips, but it makes them more effective. You can use 3D Gaia to give context to your team before the trip on the locations you will be visiting. With 3D Gaia flying function, you can visit areas that too hazardous to reach and see them up close, gaining additional geological insights. Also with 3D Gaia you can repeat the field trip back in the office as many times as you want. 3D Gaia also enables you to take your entire multidisciplinary team to the field in a cost-effective way, improving your team performance by immersive learning.

How can I get access to it?

You can license 3D Gaia. For more information get in touch at info@imagedreality,com

How does 3D Gaia work?

3D Gaia virtualises high resolution digital outcrop models generated with images acquired with drones or photography cameras. It also integrates Google Earth, so you can give basin scale context to the outcrop.

How are the digital outcrop models generated?

The digital outcrop models are generated using commercial drone mapping software such as Pix4D , Agisoft, Dronedeploy etc. This software uses photogrammetry techniques.

What are the key features of 3D Gaia?

  • Direct outcrop interpretation
  • Measuring tool for distance, thickness, dip angle and bedding orientation
  • Virtually fly anywhere in Google Earth
  • Integration and interpretation of subsurface images, such as seismic, well logs, maps, etc
  • Interpretation of 360 photospheres
  • Ability to experience real scale
  • Integration of KML files, such as geological maps
  • Video recorder and camera tools, to capture snap shots and videos of areas of interest

What is the resolution of the outcrop models? Are the outcrop models georeferenced?

  • The outcrop models can have a resolution of 3-5cm per pixel. This depends on the drone data acquisition technique
  • The outcrop models are georeferenced using the GPS in the drone. For more accurate location coordinates you can introduce ground control points during data acquisition

Do you acquire drone data?

We work with partners who are experts in drone data acquisition, and are fully licensed.

What is Imaged Reality?

Imaged Reality is a virtual reality and augmented reality startup. We believe these immersive technologies will transform training, knowledge & skill development in the Oil Industry and Universities.