Geology Field trips in Virtual Reality, by Imaged Reality LTD

At Imaged Reality, we believe virtual reality will transform knowledge and skill development in the Oil and Gas Industry.

We are proud to introduce 3D Gaia, the first virtual reality app for Geological Field trips. It uses high resolution digital outcrop models from images acquired with drones or lidar. 3D Gaia also integrates Google Earth, so you can virtually fly anywhere you want.

These are some of the advantages of Geological Field trips in Virtual Reality:

  • Increased team performance by immersive learning

  • Improved decision making by multidisciplinary teams

  • It is cost effective, you can bring your entire team to the field

  • Access to areas too hazardous or too expensive to reach

  • Knowledge capture, field trip repeatability

  • Reduced travel time in VR

In addition to subsurface training, 3D Gaia also has applications in infrastructure planning, seismic operations planning, wellsite planning, and environmental assessments.

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