Bring your lectures to life
in an immersive environment

Stratbox can help you to create more engaging content with on-demand access to world-class outcrop analogues across different geological settings and bring your own content to life. Students and lecturers can collaborate in real-time in 3D space so that you can access subsurface training in real-time. Design your courses integrating data from regional scale (seismic images, cross sections, maps, outcrops etc) to pore scale (thin sections, CT scans, etc) in the same platform allowing students to piece together more pieces of the puzzle.

Next generation tools for tomorrow’s geologists

To develop the skills that they will use throughout their careers, students need to often visit the field and work with outcrops from a wide range of geological settings. Yet the number of field trips they have access to during their courses are limited and the cost constraints and safety hazards do not always make this possible. Thanks to Stratbox, they can develop their skills in an ever-accessible virtual environment. Stratbox offers on-demand access to world-class outcrop catalogues and interpretation tools for virtual geology field trips and geological training.

Augmented learning

Working in a virtual 3D environment increases understanding and retention. Students can make observations from inaccessible viewpoints to enhance their subsurface training. Users gain a better understanding of 3D geometry and architecture by navigating through and interpreting multiple digital outcrop models.  They can draw directly on the rocks and experience outcrops at real scale. Data at different scales can be integrated into the same space. Both knowledge and understanding are deepened, as immersion increases cognition and knowledge retention.

When field trips for geological training are possible, Stratbox enables lecturers and their students to examine the outcrops virtually, ahead of the physical trip, allowing better planning. It also enables revisiting the site, back in the classroom, for continued analysis. However it is used, Stratbox doesn’t merely replicate the experience of being in the field, it augments it with 3D data integration in an immersive environment.

Increase memory recall

icon indicating that virtual geology field work enhances knowledge retention

Learning in immersive virtual environments has been shown to enhance engagement and recall of taught content.

Create a collaborative classroom

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Students can work together from anywhere, interpreting formations using a suite of smart tools.

Create a virtual textbook

icon indicating that stratbox is powered with remote collaboration for geological fieldwork

Augment your lectures to bring alive an example and interpret it live for your students to get a better understanding of the concepts you are teaching. 

Make the field accessible & inclusive

icon indicating that virtual outcrop models and virtual geology field trips allows users to access inaccessible and dangerous areas

With Stratbox, a student’s ability to work at an outcrop is not restrained by physical obstacles.

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