Introducing Stratbox Connect.

Stratbox Connect is the platform that seamlessly integrates 3D photogrammetry models, satellite imagery and a wealth of geological data.


Empowering geologists, engineers and multidisciplinary teams, Stratbox Connect enables a comprehensive analysis from kilometric to microscopic scale. Explore, collaborate and make informed decisions with data integration in 3D space.

Are you struggling with inter-well uncertainty at reservoir scale?
Do you need access to a global collection of 3D outcrop models?
Do you want to integrate data and information at different scales?

Experience the benefits of Stratbox Connect

The digital twin for outcrop geology

Cloud-Based Outcrop Libraries

On demand access to reservoir analogues

Real-Time Remote Collaboration

Work together seamlessly, and make decisions remotely

Scene Creation with 2D Image Integration

Bring your interpretations to life by creating dynamic 3D scenes

3D Photogrammetry & Satellite Imagery Visualization

Integrate data from kilometric to microscopic scale

Desktop and Virtual Reality Experience

Immerse yourself in the data

Stratbox Connect Outcrop Catalogue

Enjoy the convenience of on-demand access to extensive outcrop libraries and collections delivered straight to your desktop from the cloud, providing a wealth of geological data at your fingertips.


Along with our proprietary virtual outcrop models, Stratbox provides access to specialized third party content. The RPS global outcrop models database, deep water outcrops from Ireland, Chile, Mexico and Tibet, unconventional outcrops from the US, various reservoir analogues from Argentina as well as virtual geological field trips focusing on reservoir analogues and their hosting sedimentary environments, are some of the examples of the always expanding global database hosted in our platform.

Use Stratbox Connect in VR

Stratbox Connect seamlessly extends its capabilities to both standalone PCs and the metaverse, providing users with versatile options for immersive data exploration. Putting on a virtual reality headset, the experience is becoming even more captivating. Collaborating remotely becomes more effective as teams unite remotely in the virtual realm, effortlessly “flying” above cliffs and investigating otherwise remote and inaccessible locations from a unique bird’s eye perspective.


The integration of a Sketchfab plugin further enhances the experience by allowing users to import free 3D models directly into the virtual environment. Stratbox Connect VR serves as the digital twin for field outcrop geology, facilitating comprehensive analysis and knowledge retention.

Stratbox Connect
VR in action

  • User friendly interface
  • 3D Outcrop interpretation
  • Data integration in the 3D space
  • Remote collaboration
  • User friendly interface
  • 3D Outcrop interpretation
  • Data integration in the 3D space
  • Remote collaboration