Q. What is Stratbox?

A. Stratbox is a platform for collaborative data integration in 3D space. With Stratbox, users can review 3D models and associated metadata and make detailed observations from kilometre scale down to millimetre scale, whilst communicating these observations with others in real-time. Stratbox brings the field or assets directly to the office, empowering users to better transfer knowledge and/or enhance decision-making in a remote collaborative environment.


Q. How do I get the software? 

A. Stratbox is offered in two versions, Desktop and VR. To access the Desktop app, please follow the instructions on our download web page. If you would like to try the VR version, please get in touch via our Contact Us page on the website or download the Focus Plus 3 version directly from the Vive App Store following the link on the Download section of our web page.


Q. How do I extract the content from the zip file?

A. To open a zipped file, you need to install a free zip reader like WinZip or WinRAR. Then to extract the content, please follow the instructions on this link:



Q. How do I secure a licence for Stratbox? 

A. From the download webpage, users can download the Desktop app. Once the users run the app for the first time, they will be directed to create an account and a free 2-week trial licence key will be sent via email for activation. For the licence to continue past the free trial period, please contact us for pricing information.


Q: What should I do if I wish to continue using Stratbox after the 2-week trial expires?

A. Please contact us for pricing information.


Q. What is Stratbox – VR?

A. Stratbox is offered in two versions, Desktop and VR. For VR, Stratbox supports both tethered VR headsets and standalone (untethered) VR headsets. We currently support HTC and Oculus headsets. For more information on the VR platform, please contact us.


Q. What is Stratbox – Desktop?

A. Stratbox is offered in two versions, Desktop and VR. Unlike the VR version, on desktop Stratbox is not using a headset, just a keyboard/mouse and screen. The Desktop version of course does not offer the immersiveness of VR, but allows all those that do not have access to the VR technology to benefit from the remote collaborative environment of Stratbox in the 3D space.


Q. Is Stratbox available on Macs?

A. Stratbox is currently a Windows-only based application, however the Mac version is currently in development and will be available soon.


Q. Do Stratbox VR and Desktop communicate?

A. Currently, Stratbox VR and Stratbox Desktop are separate platforms that work independently. In the future, Imaged Reality is planning to merge the two platforms into one environment so that both users, in both VR and Desktop, can have a real-time remote collaborative experience.


Q. Is there a cloud service for Stratbox?

A. Stratbox Desktop benefits from the additional access to our Cloud-based media library. Users can access 3D models directly from our AWS Cloud service.


Q. Can I upload my data to the cloud?

A. Currently, the cloud library service is provided in collaboration with Imaged Reality. Under subscription, users can share their data with Imaged Reality, and they will be curated to be accessible from the cloud accordingly.


Q. Can I import my data in Stratbox – VR and Desktop?

A. Local media libraries are supported in both VR and Desktop. The media library directory is created automatically upon installation, and the default path is located in the local Documents folder. This folder can easily be allocated to another path. The process of allocation and import of data is described in the full app guide.


Q. What is a local Media Library?

A. Stratbox Desktop uses both cloud and a local media library. The Media Library is a catalogue where all media is stored. For users to be able to load data in the Stratbox environment, the user should first store these data in the library and then import them from within the app. The process is described in the full app guide.


Q. Is Stratbox suitable for virtual field trips?

A. Stratbox is carefully designed to cover the needs of virtual field trips. A host can lead a team session where participants can remotely collaborate in front of a 3D asset and integrate data from kilometre to millimetre scale.


Q. What format should a 3D model be for Stratbox?

A. Stratbox supports several formats. The most common formats of 3D models include OBJ and FBX.


Q. What is the maximum texture size that Stratbox can handle?

A. A 3D model consists of a wireframe/mesh and a draped texture/image. When a model is created, the texture that accompanies the mesh can be either a single image or a series of images. In any case, every image should not exceed the resolution of 16K. This means that a model can include a single image or multiple 16K images. Increasing the size and number of textures, though, might affect loading times and performance depending on the hardware.


Q. What is a team session is Stratbox

A. Stratbox is designed to provide both a private, but most importantly, a collaborative environment. Stratbox includes a calendar dashboard where a host can schedule meetings that participants can join. Once a group of people is in a team session, specific collaborative functionalities are activated and the user interface allows for real-time synchronization of observations and movements.


Q. Does Stratbox include voice coverage?

A. Currently, Stratbox does not include voice coverage, and verbal communication is supported by third-party communication platforms.