Immersive insights and reduced risk

Stratbox helps geologists and engineers in the Energy, Mining and Environmental Science sectors to improve analysis and decision-making and minimise exploration uncertainty. Hands-on geological field work and training conducted at the early-career or expert level is essential. It increases the knowledge base, builds expertise and reduces uncertainty in decision making. 

Technology now plays a pivotal role in allowing geologists and engineers to harness its potential and incorporate geological digital twins into daily workflows. This has meant providing virtual access to the field for geological training and field work. Stratbox allows geologists and engineers to virtually pre-inspect locations and outcrops they are planning to visit and review the learnings of the geological field work once back in the office via remote access to virtual reservoir analogues from across the world.


Through the use of our technology, Shell and Hess subject matter experts have delivered in-house virtual field trips to subsurface teams around the world providing an effective training aid.

Fulfil wider goals

Stratbox can help you to achieve wider goals – from reducing your carbon footprint to greater team inclusivity. However difficult, dangerous or challenging it may sometimes be, geological field work builds professional technical excellence and teamwork skills that are vital in the corporate world. As the perfect digital twin for geological fieldwork, Stratbox aims to help all employees who are incapable of visiting the field in person to also experience the benefits of a geological field trip with reduced risk and cost.

On another note, moving globally distributed teams overseas to benefit from the learnings of hard-to-reach world-class outcrops, can result in a significant carbon footprint. Virtual geology field trips using the remote networking capabilities of Stratbox, can help to reduce direct or indirect travel-related carbon emissions and bring together remote teams in a more environmentally friendly way.

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Cross-functional collaboration

A multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving has always been the best way to minimise the unknowns and reduce the uncertainties in geological exploration. The immersiveness of the collaborative 3D environment provides the best platform to bring together expertise and share knowledge. By bringing together teams in virtual geology field trips, or in peer reviews in Stratbox, this expertise is leveraged on a global scale from across your organisation which accelerates and improves learning, insights and decision making. 

Immersive insights

Working in the virtual 3D environment of a geological digital twin increases understanding and knowledge retention. You can work from inaccessible viewpoints and review geological outcrops from angles that would be impossible in real life. You can interpret geological features by drawing directly on the rocks and experience virtual reservoir analogues at real scale whilst integrating data at different scales in the same working space.

Develop organisational capability

When companies restructure, they invariably lose very experienced people who usually leave without having enough time to pass on their knowledge. This creates the need to rebuild in-house capability. With unprecedented uncertainties like those faced in the Post Covid-19 era, this needs to be done remotely and sustainably. Stratbox helps you to deliver training at scale.

With our software, we have helped Shell, Hess, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), Ecopetrol and Staatsolie to deliver in-house virtual geology field trips to their teams.

Virtual geology field trips

Geological field trips are essential; however, they can be expensive, take significant planning and are limited to only a few individuals within an organisation. Cost and safety constraints make certain visits impossible. Stratbox brings the field to your office as a digital twin for geological fieldwork. Multiple teams from different locations can attend the same virtual geology field trip, reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

When field trips are possible, Stratbox enables you to examine the outcrops virtually, ahead of the in-person physical trip, allowing better planning and making the field trips more effective. It also enables revisiting the site, once back in the office for continued analysis. However it is used, Stratbox doesn’t merely replicate the experience of being in the field, it augments it with 3D data integration in an immersive environment.