Immersive insight, reduced risk,
competitive advantage

Stratbox helps geologists and engineers in the Energy, Mining and Environmental Science sectors to improve analysis and decision making.
Hands-on field work conducted by geologists is essential. However, since the arrival of the pandemic, budgets are pressured, travel is restricted and expertise is scattered. Providing virtual access to the field, Stratbox gives your teams immediate access to reservoir analogues from across the world.

Power with purpose

As well as achieving your aims in the field, Stratbox can help you to achieve wider goals – from radically reducing your carbon footprint, to greater inclusion for those who cannot travel.
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Cross-functional collaboration

By bringing together teams in virtual field trips, or peer reviews in an immersive environment, expertise is leveraged from across your organisation. This accelerates and improves learning, insights and decision making

Immersive insights

Working in a virtual 3D environment increases understanding and knowledge retention. You can work from inaccessible viewpoints and do things
that would be impossible in real life. You can draw directly on the rocks and experience outcrops at real scale. Data at different scales can be integrated in the same space.

Develop organisational capability

When companies restructure, they invariably lose very experienced people who usually leave without having enough time to pass on their knowledge. This creates the need to rebuild in-house capability. Post Covid-19, this needs to be done remotely and sustainably. Stratbox helps you to deliver training at scale.

We have helped Shell, Hess, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), Ecopetrol and Staatsolie to deliver in-house virtual field trips to their teams.

Virtual field trips

Field trips are essential, however they can be expensive, take significant planning and are limited to only a few individuals. Cost and safety constraints make certain visits impossible. Stratbox brings the field to your office. Multiple teams in different locations can attend the same virtual field trip without travelling, reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

When field trips are possible, Stratbox enables you to examine the outcrops virtually, ahead of the physical trip, allowing better planning. It also enables revisiting the site, back in the office for continued analysis. However it is used, Stratbox doesn’t merely replicate the experience of being in the field, it augments it with 3D data integration in an immersive environment.