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Reach more clients around the world

Training geologists and engineers to the full means offering hands-on experiences where they can feel their skills develop. With Stratbox, you can augment the geological field training by delivering these experiences from a virtual platform, bringing the field to course participants around the world.

Our platform has helped our training partners deliver subsurface training courses to customers such as Ecopetrol and Staatsolie.

Access a global outcrop catalogue for your courses

Add value to your subsurface training courses with world-class outcrop databases. Enable learners to apply their skills to reservoir analogues from all over the planet, from the comfort of their office.

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Publish, share and licence your virtual field trips

icon for licensing virtual field trips for geological training

Create new revenue streams by licensing your unique virtual field trips for geological training to industry clients.

Dig deeper
into the data

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Integrate data from basin to pore scale affording course participants a more comprehensive picture 

your geological training

Icon indicating the capability of Stratbox to enhance knowledge retention in geological field work and geological field trips by visiting the field before and after an in-person trip

Imagine offering pre- and post-field trip sessions to attendees with real time remote collaboration 

Make it your own

icon showing the personalization that users can achieve in firtual fieldtrips enhancing the geological field trip experience

Utilise leading immersive technology that fits the needs of the client’s organisation and adds real value to your offering. 

Attract more clients

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Use our technology and cloud infrastructure to extend your reach to more organisations. 



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