Webinar: Ocean Deep, Mountain High: An Introduction To Deep Water Systems At Outcrop

Last week, Ben Kneller sedimentologist and Emeritus Professor at the University of Aberdeen, together with Victoria Valdez Buso, sedimentologist and Research Fellow at the Universidade Federal do Paraná, introduced us to Deep Water Systems At Outcrop Using Stratbox.


Deepwater depositional systems in the subsurface are amongst the most important containers for fluids of all kinds — hydrocarbon reserves, sequestered CO2, stored methane and hydrogen, and water. Their complexity, variability, and the sub-seismic scale of many of the features that govern fluid flow within them underscore the importance of outcrop analogues, which have formed the basis of most of the models that are used to predict reservoir performance. Ben and Victoria provided a quick overview of deepwater systems with the use of outcrop analogues, and demonstrated how visualization tools can allow us to access and compare multiple systems, often in remote and/or mountainous environments.


Thanks to all the attendees and their great questions.


The webinar was a preview of the 5-day virtual course on Deep Water Systems At Outcrop that will run on 23-27th January 2023