Webinar: Cretaceous petroleum systems of the Arabian Gulf

Last week, Peter Gutteridge, Sedimentologist and Director of Cambridge Carbonates Ltd, gave us an overview on the stratigraphic and tectonic framework of the Cretaceous petroleum systems of the Arabian plate.

Peter examined the large-scale sequence geometry and facies patterns within the Thamama (AP8 1 and 2), Wasia (AP8 3 and 4) and Aruma (AP9) super-sequences.


The depositional facies and architecture for each super-sequence were demonstrated using the Cambridge Carbonates Ltd palaeogeographical mapping to show the development of source, reservoir and seal configurations for each super-sequence.

This webinar focused on selected case histories from the Early Cretaceous mixed-clastic carbonate systems, depositional environments and sequence stratigraphy of intrashelf basins throughout the Cretaceous and a published reservoir case history of the Mauddud carbonate reservoir in the Burgan field.

Thanks to all the attendees and their great questions.


The webinar was a preview of the 5-day virtual course on Sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and reservoir quality of Cretaceous petroleum systems of the Arabian Plate that will run on 13 – 17 November 2022