Webinar: Geological observations to predict CO2 behaviour in CCS projects

Last week, Dr. Jurriaan Reijs, Senior Explorer, Ex-Shell, together with Dr. Tip Meckel, CCS Expert from the Bureau of Economic Geology, gave us an overview on the geological observations to predict CO2 behaviour in the subsurface.

In this hour-long webinar, the hosts used Stratbox to showcase examples of 3D outcrop models from the Cretaceous prograding shoreface sequence at the Book Cliffs of Utah, with references to shale layer effects to fluid migration in the Utsira formation in Norway, as well as the P18-07 core data from the Bunter continental sandstone, a candidate for CO2 storage at Porthos Project, offshore Netherlands.

Thanks to all the attendees and their great questions.

The recording of the webinar can be found here:


The webinar was a preview of the 3-day virtual course on The Geoscience of Carbon Capture and Storage that will run on 27-29th September 2022